Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Flash and not HTML5 ?

Using Flash was an easy decision for us to make. GridChat was conceived in August 2011 - at this time, and at the time of writing this answer (January 2013), Flash remains the ONLY option for a web-based rich internet application containing live video. Flash has its detractors, but there is still no technology with the same capability. HTML5 is certainly an option for the future, but there is currently no ubiquitous webcam support, which is of course key to our application.

Will you be adding a "How-To" guide ?

We would love to, but the software features change so frequently that any how-to guide would quickly become outdated. They also take a long time to write; we would prefer to concentrate on the main software. Besides, part of the fun of GridChat is finding out what all the buttons do!

How can I become a Moderator ?

We have been asked this question many times. The only answer we can really give is for you to visit the application on a very regular basis and stick to all the rules. We rarely look within chat for new Moderators and it is even rarer for us to follow up on any applications. This is due to the nature of applications received in the past.

Why are you so quick to block some users when others remain unpunished for the same behaviour ?

A very fair point; we'll try to keep a complex answer as short as possible. It is impossible for us to moderate every minute of every chat. Moderation is a vital but costly task and our Moderators deal with behaviour based on a well defined priority system. The most important issues are dealt with first. It's a bit like speeding in your car. Many times you will get away with it, but occasionally you will be caught and the punishment will hopefully change the way you treat others within the chat.

Sometimes the translator spews out complete garbage. Why is this ?

Sometimes people write complete garbage too; the translator can only deal with what it is given. Garbage in, garbage out is a well known phrase in computer science. To make translations as accurate as possible, write short, clear sentences. Ensure grammar and spelling are accurate, especially with words such as you're, your, there, they're and their. Avoid abbreviations at all costs. 'wb' might make sense to a native English speaker that frequents chat, but in Russian, for example, it would be read as ВБ, which means... absolutely nothing.

Do the Moderators read private messages ?

In general, no - it is neither a requirement nor would it be practicable with 10,000+ private messages sent every day. However, GridChat includes sophisticated word filters which scan ALL messages automatically. The filter system is enhanced on an almost daily basis and is employed to enforce the most important rules of GridChat. If a filter is activated then one of two processes is initiated:

  • The relevant user account is automatically restricted, suspended or banned.
  • The relevant message and up to 2 previous messages between the same users are sent to the site Administrator.

The filters vary significantly in their complexity. Some run within the client software, some in the server software and some in the primary database. Many are always active, while others run once an hour or once a day.