The Rules of

Country specific

At all times any user of the GridChat service is expected to obey the laws of their country of residence and those of the GridChat server location (Czech Republic). In the case of any ambiguity or conflict, the most restrictive law will take precedence.

Enjoyment for all

GridChat is available to users from around the world, from different backgrounds, cultures, religions and beliefs. Users are also of varying ages. No broadcast, either visual or written, should:

  • Detract from any other users' enjoyment of the service.
  • Promote hatred or terrorism, nor contain threat, malice or infer harm to any other user.
  • Discriminate against another whether in regard to race, ethnicity, sexual preference, religion or belief.
  • Infringe on the rights of minors.
  • Encourage others to break any of the GridChat rules.
  • Invite argument or negative discussion, nor be likely or solely designed to cause general offence (flaming).
  • Contain excessive profanity. We are not a church congregation, but the use of profanity should reflect the age and status of the general chat population.
  • Contain any form of pornography or eroticism, except where such acts comply with all other relevant rules and are contained within the Adult section.
Common courtesy

GridChat actively promotes discussion. Comments that detract from open discussion or are generally discourteous to others should not be made. Examples are:

  • Repetition of the same or similar comments (SPAM).
  • Overuse of emoticons.
  • Encouraging the broadcaster to change the format of their chat (adding a password, friends only etc).
  • Requesting "friendship" status in-chat. GridChat offers an extensive friendship feature - the user knows you have asked for friendship, there is no need to tell all.
  • Requesting passwords for other chat rooms.

GridChat takes the safety of children very seriously. We employ advanced technology to protect the interests of children online and will co-operate with any Law Enforcement Agency in the fight against online grooming. It is expected that:

  • Children are appropriately dressed at all times (appropriate means that it is reasonable to expect to see a child in similar clothing in an open, public location).
  • The point of focus of a child's webcam should be predominantly the face. An exception might be due to dancing or arts & crafts.
  • Adult users report any breach of these rules immediately by use of the "red flag" system.
  • No adult should encourage any child to remove any item of clothing.
  • No adult should ask for any form of contact information. This includes family name, social networking ID, alternate chat location, phone number, email address or anything similar.
  • Approved users of similar age (adult to adult or child to child when the age difference is 4 years or less) can take advantage of the Contact Request feature. This feature is presented as a button on the User Information popup window and is the only method of contact information swap permitted in GridChat.
Multiple accounts and account information

Any individual is allowed a maximum of one account per login type. For example, one account linked to a VKontakte login and one account linked to an email address is permitted, but two accounts from two different email addresses are not permitted. Where multiple accounts of the same type are found, ALL accounts of ALL types for that user will be banned without further notice. The gender and age specified on each account must be a true reflection of the associated user. Profile names and photos must be suitable for all ages. No erotic content is allowed on photos and no profanity or contact information should be used in screen names or chat room names. It is expected that:

  • An individual user is only logged in on one account at a time.
  • The Internet connection in use is not anonymized, spoofed or otherwise disguised in any way.
  • No VPN, Proxy or other similar technology is used.
  • The IP address presented to the GridChat servers is associated with the immediate user, their family or their primary place of business.
  • Any email address used to register with GridChat is able to receive email on behalf of the associated user from any sender address for the complete duration that the account is in use. GridChat reserves the right to ban any account that was created with anonymized or temporary email addresses, or when a legitimate email sent by GridChat is returned as undeliverable.
  • For users registered with GridChat by email address, the email address IS the account. Loss of use of the email address equates to loss of use of the GridChat account and any credits, status or points associated with it.
  • No account may be transfered to nor used by any person other than the original registrant.
Use of the 'Grid' to gain points

GridChat provides features whereby users can earn points which can later be exchanged for status, additional features or prizes. One such feature is the 'Grid', where a broadcaster can hide part of their broadcast and a viewer must click on each individual block to exchange diamonds for the right to view. Misuse of the Grid feature is not permitted. Such misuse would include, but is not limited to:

  • Hiding broadcasts which would otherwise not be permitted due to other GridChat rules or in-country laws.
  • Creating Grid chats solely for the purpose of receiving credits where there is no benefit to the viewer. Examples would include very short broadcasts (under 5 minutes), or broadcasts with no content (the viewer is hidden or covers their webcam).

Points earned from Grid chats are only awarded to the broadcaster when the block was clicked at least 2 minutes prior to the end of the broadcast. All points from a broadcast will be forfeit if it is closed by a Moderator for breach of GridChat rules. Any user may be restricted from creating Grid chats where rule breaches have occured previously or it is deemed they are likely to occur.

Text translator and supported languages

The translator is provided on a 'best efforts' basis, and is currently free for all users in main chat rooms. The only supported languages within GridChat public rooms are English and Russian, along with languages fundamentally similar to Russian (such as Ukrainian). A user should ALWAYS choose the interface language which is most similar to their written language. Writing Russian from the English interface, or vice versa, is not supported. GridChat reserves the right to feature limit, silence, suspend or permanently ban users ignoring this rule.

Preserving the GridChat brand

GridChat does not allow:

  • The promotion of any other brand, service or website.
  • Unsolicited advertising of any kind.
  • Mis-use of the complaints system.
  • Any user to infer that they are an employee or officer of GridChat without the relevant authority.
Communication with the Moderation team

Moderation of a videochat application is difficult, tiring, often stressful work. Our Moderators are in place to keep the chat safe and enjoyable for all. While they might make the odd mistake, we would expect all users at all times to:

  • Obey any reasonable instruction from any site Moderator or Admin (the status of a user can be seen by clicking on their info - click the photo on any in-chat private message).
  • Be polite and courteous in any communication.
  • Not question a decision made by a Moderator in relation to another user.
Final word

GridChat endeavours to provide a reliable, enjoyable entertainment service. We reserve the right to ban, suspend or feature-limit any account at any time and for any reason, without prior notice nor warning. Any points, credits or purchased status remaining on a banned account will be forfeit.